This week we are launching our new ATEX T4 Portable radio (TP9000EX) which we named THOR1 - the most advanced and best RX/TX module ever made in a portable radio, makes this one of the best ATEX T4 portables on the market.

Key features:TP9000EX ATEX T4
2 Watt Output TX
Easy Programing
Battery lifetime 16 Hours
High quality sound

Conforms according to the Directives
ATEX 2014/34/EU, RoHS 2011/55/EU & RED 2014/53/EU
Applied standards
EN 60950, EN/IEC 60945, EN 301.489, EN 300.086 & EN300.720 (analog part).
IP67 Waterproof / Exceeds MIL 810 c,d,e,f
ATEX GAS Protection: II 2G Ex ib IIC T4
IECEx: Ex ib IIC T4
ATEX Dust Protection: II 2D Ex tD A21 IP6x ib D21 T110°C
IECEx: Ex ib IIIC T110°C
ATEX Mining Protection: I M2 EX ib I
IECEx: Ex ib I


A new product is being launced this week - it´s a wireless emergency alert system for industrial use, based on our popular WDM9000(Data Modem). From your office or control room you can observe and control in- and outputs from several lokations up to 30 km away. it could be an emergency exit that needs to be opened in a emergency situation or a gas/smoke/temperature detector you need feedback from. - The options are numerus and you can read more about it here LINK


This week we can celebrate a 10 year anniversary, for two of our employees.  


The production is closed from 21-07-2017 to 07-08-2017

We will be reachable within office hours, all weekdays at phone: +45 43906048 or mail:


We are about to launch a new website, so a lot is going on right now - all products are being re-photographed and categorised.

Please dont hesitate to contact us, if you have any question.