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Product code:RP80x/x - ATEX


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TP8000EX Intrinsically safe ATEX hand portable radio, is a unique product which combines mechanical robustness and the latest state of the art radio technology into a hand portable radio with a user friendly design.

Special features:
Easy Programing
Clearly readable display
Channel scanning (127 channels)
ATEX-T6 Intrysically safe

798,92 €

Userguide: English

Declaration of Conformity: English

multi_Button description TP8000EX is a unique ATEX Portable Radio product which combines mechanical robustness and the latest state of the art radio technology into a hand portable radio with a user friendly design.

The programming of all user parameters can be set directly from the keyboard or from a PC through an infrared interface. The design of the portable radio is robust and the radio is waterproof (IP67), it can therefore be used as the ultimate communication tool within chemical industries, fire brigades, emergency & rescue services, airports, off-shore industries, etc.

The TP8000EX is approved for use within petro / chemical environments where gases, with a very low ignition temperature, are present – T6 approved.

Radio Classification: II 2G Ex ib IIC T6
Dust classification: II 3D T85°C IP67

TP8000Ex is an ATEX radio designed for two-way voice and data communication within the VHF and UHF PMR frequency bands.

VHF: 136-174 MHz

UHF1: 350-410 MHz

UHF2 400-470 MHz

The combination of a great design, mechanical robustness, user friendliness and the latest state of the art radio technology, turns TP8000EX into a unique ATEX product.

TP8000Ex is programmable with the latest types of signalling protocols and can at the same time be programmed for use in systems, designed with all the more frequent types of tone signalling schemes. Besides being ATEX approved the TP8000Ex is also designed according to the IP67 specifications(submersible). The compact design of the radio combined with a menu driven user interface, makes the use of the radio very simple.

As standard, TP8000Ex contains soft- and hardware for programming of up to 127 radio channels, DTMF-tone encoder, FFSK en-/decoder (without protocol), adjustment of Transmitter Power Output in 4-steps, and Tone en-/decoder for systems using CCIR/ZVEI/EEA/CTCSS signaling.

Preprogrammed No
GPS no
Antenna impedance 50 Ohm
Channel Spacing 12,5 / 20 / 25 KHz
Dimensions incl. Battery H = 146, B = 61, D = 37 mm
Frequency error ± 2 ppm
UHF 1 350 - 410 MHz
UHF 2 400 - 470 MHz
Frequency VHF High 136 - 174 MHz
Mode of operation Simplex / Semi-Duplex (two-frequency Simplex)
Output power 0,2 - 0,5 - 1 - 2 Watt (programable)
Signal / noise ratio > 45 dB
Signal / noise ratio transmitter 40 dB
SINAD EMF (12 dB) 0,35µV typ.
Squelch level Programable
Standby @ default TX power with standard battery 10 hours
Temperature range -25 to +55° C
Weight incl. Battery 498 g
Up to 127 channels Yes