12.6V Backup Battery Li-Ion

12.6V Backup Battery Li-Ion
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Product code:BA-1224

High efficient 12V Backup Battery for use in various setups

12,6V - 10.000 mAh

Build-in BMS protection board

Wherever you need a safety 12V power backup - this universal battery module can handle it.

10.000mAh is typical several hours of backup use! In regards of radio communication it is important to have a repeater base or alert system on a backup system in case of a power blackout where important communication is vital.

But this 12V powerpack backup system can be used in various setups - where would you use it?

Backup for:

- Router

- Alarm system

- Modem

- Repeater

- Emergency system


Battery 6 x Samsung 21700 cells
Dimensions 128mm x 70mm x 25mm
Capacity 10.000 mAh
Charging current 8A
Discharge Current 10A
Connector 2 x 2-pin male
Max. Power 10A
Voltage 12.6V
Weight 450 g