Band Pass Filter

Band Pass Filter
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Band Pass Filter for UHF & VHF frequency range - please inform desired frequency with order

The Band Pass Filter series is a 3-cavity filter for radiotelephones.

RF Band filter is used to pass signals within a specific frequency band and reject unwanted out-of-band signals.

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The TP Band Pass Filters are components that pass RF signals with a low inser- tion loss in a specific frequency range, while providing high attenuation for RF signals outside specified area.

The RF Filter are designed for connecting between the transceiver and the antenna. Although the Band Pass Filter is designed for use in connection with the TP BS2000 base station, the filters are suitable for use in connection with other brands and types of base stations.

The Band Pass Filter is pre-tuned to the desired frequency within the UHF and VHF range with a bandwidth of < +/- 2.5 MHz

Insertion Loss <1.0dB
Max. Power 50W
More info See PDF for more info