Dual Isolator 100W 400-470 MHz

Dual Isolator 100W 400-470 MHz
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Product code:IS807

Isolator for UHF band.

Built-in harmonic filter

Full bandwith 400-470MHz

The TP Type ISXYO series of isolators are components that pass RF signals with a low insertion loss in one direction, while providing high attenuation for RF signals in the opposite direction (Diode Effect).

The isolators are designed for connecting it between the transmitter and the antenna. Although the ISXYO isolators are designed for use in connection with the TP BS2000 base station, the isolators are suitable for use in connection with other brands and types of base stations.

The ISXYO isolators are typically implemented when a base station is installed at sites with a congestion of transceivers and antennas, in order to prevent inter - channel modulation (Intermodulation).
The Diode Effect prevents that RF signals from neighbouring transmitters (an- tennas) enters into the transmitter, whereby Intermodulation is prevented. The effects of unmatched load impedance on the transmitter is minimised by connecting an isolators between the transmitter output and the antenna (load), as the isolators maintain its input impedance independent of load mis- match.


Isolation Output - Input > 40 dB
Dimensions 150 x 61 x 32 mm
Antenna impedance 50 Ohm
Connector 2 x N-female
Frequency Range 400-470 MHz
Insertion Loss < 1.5 dB
Max. Power 100 W
VSWR < 1.50
Temperature range -20 °C to +60 °C
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