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Product code:RP80x/x - Encrypted PMR


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TP8000 Atlantis Portable PMR Radio is a unique product as the design combines an outstanding mechanical robustned with state of the art technology and at the same time also very user-friendly.

As the set is waterproof(IP67) it is an ultimate and durable communication tool, for almost any segments and the TP8000 Atlantis radio is therefor, a voice and data radio prefered by professional users worldwide.

This version is digital voice encrypted to keep your communication safe.


Full keypad
Clear graphic display
5 Watt TX

843,68 €

Userguide: English

Declaration of Conformity: English

Watertight: IP67 – Submersible into 1 m. of water.

Programmable: Both via the keypad (almost all parameters) and by means of a PC connected via the cordless infrared link.
Full keypad version: The keypad enables DTMF dialing and easier channel selection and composition of alphanumeric messages. 6 key keypad version:Same function as full keypad version but no DTMF dialing.
Graphic display: Indication of selected channel in large, bold characters. Also display of composed or received text messages.
Bar graph indicator for battery status or RSSI.
Data Options: 9.6 – 19.2 Kbps data radio.
Signalling Compatibility: The radio is compatible
with almost all conventional selective tone call
systems (option).

Antenna impedance 50 ohm
Channel Spacing 12,5 / 20 / 25 KHz
Dimensions incl. Battery H = 146, B = 61, D = 37 mm
Frequency error ± 2 ppm
UHF 1 350-410 MHz
UHF 2 400-470 MHz
Frequency VHF High 136-174 MHz
Frequency VHF Low 68-87,5 MHz
Mode of operation Simplex/Simi-Duplex (two-frequency Simplex)
Number of channels 127
Temperature range -25 °C to +55 °C
Weight incl. Battery 450 g