Hot-standby repeater 19" Rack

Hot-standby repeater 19" Rack
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Product code:RP2018/x

Dual repeater base with hot-standby protection

Hot-standby means that if a failure occurs - an identical parallel transceiver setup kicks in to maintain communication.

All this is managed by a TP Radio smart-board which monitor:

- Antenna failure
- Antenna cable breach
- Internal radio voltage error
- RX & TX (receive & transmit)

Any of these fails can tell if the repeater base is not functioning and the smart-board will switch the communication to the parallel transceiver for continued TX & RX communication.

The hot-standby repeater base then tells you that it has an error and has switched to safety-mode. This can be reported in two ways:

  • Beep code sent via TX frequency

  • Error code via 3 output pins

The repeater base continues to maintain communication and repair can now be planed.

Note: With the 19" Rack option - 240V power supply is external unless other is mentioned

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Price upon request List Price
Antenna impedance 50 Ohm
Channel Spacing 12,5 / 20 / 25 KHz
Frequency error ± 2 ppm (option +/- 0.1 ppm)
Mode of operation Duplex
Number of channels 128
Output power Adjustable high/low in two steps 5 - 25W (40 & 50W available - please contact sales)
RF-bandwidth 60 MHz 70 MHz 38 MHz 20 MHz
Stand-by 0,4 Amps at 13,2 VDC
Temperature range -25° to + 70°C
Weight Depending on option
More info See Download/Datasheet