Professional Mobile

Professional Mobile
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The TP6000i Professional series of mobile radios are designed for two-way voice and data communication on the VHF or UHF PMR frequency bands. A unique product with design that combines an outstanding mechanical robustness with state of the art technology and user friendliness.


BE905 - Waterproof control unit

OP501 - Snap-lock bracket

IK601/1 Installation cable


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Userguide: English

Declaration of Conformity: English

Two options of control units:

The conventional BE905 waterproof version(picture) - this setup is also ideal as a motorcycle radio solution with an optional MC installation-kit.

Another BE901 version with an RS232 controller interface for operation by means. Contact sales for BE901 Version


(TP6000i in combination with BE905/BE901)

Full keypad:

The keypad enables DTMF dialling, channel selection and composition of alphanumeric messages etc.

Graphic display:

Clear display of e.g. channel names and composed or received text messages. Bar graph indicator for battery charge status or RSSI.

Channel Scanning:

Up to 127 channels. Priority channel scan or sequential scan mode.

Antenna impedance 50 Ohm
Channel Spacing 12.5, or 20, 25 KHz
Frequency error ± 2 ppm
UHF 1 350 - 410 MHz
UHF 2 400 - 470 MHz
Frequency VHF High 135 - 174 MHz
Frequency VHF Low 68 - 88 MHz
Mode of operation Simplex / Semi-duplex (two frequency simplex)
Number of channels 127
RF-bandwidth 60 MHz 70 MHz 38 MHz 20 MHz
Temperature range -25° to + 55°C
Weight (transceiver only) 800g
More info See Download/Datasheet