Repeater Base 19" Rack

Repeater Base 19" Rack
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A unattended repeater in a 19" rack tray(2HE) with a TP6000i 25W, 50W or 100W tranceiver.

Incl. TP6000i tranceiver, duplex filter, power supply, back-up battery and tonesystem

Other special setups is avalible - telephone link systems / telephone pathing / ....with local control console / SCADA systems ect.


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Repeater Kit 19" rack consisting of:

BK005 19” Rack tray.
RE605/x43i Duplex transceiver TP6000i for BS2000.
DF60x Duplex filter.

ST601 Coax cable kit for duplex filter.
MP002 Mounting plate for duplex filter.
PS005 Power supply.
MP022 Mounting plate for power supply.
ST608 Coax cable N/BNC.
IK651 Installation cable plus / minus.
ST640/5 DC distribution cabling for BS2000.
ST638 Cable for 19” rack radio/rack


TP-2263 CTCSS tone encoder / decoder and repeater module.
TP-2289 5-tone encoder / decoder and repeater control.
ST609/5 Cable for power supply PS005 can replace SI601 and ST615/5.

Antenna impedance 50 Ohm
Capacity Capacity
Channel Spacing 12,5 / 20 / 25 KHz
Charging current Charging current
Discharge Current Discharge Current
Frequency error ± 2 ppm (option +/- 0.1 ppm)
Mode of operation Duplex
Number of channels 128
Output power Adjustable high/low in two steps 5 - 25W - 50 & 100W available
RF-bandwidth 60 MHz 70 MHz 38 MHz 20 MHz
Stand-by 0,2 Amps at 13,2 VDC
Temperature range -25° to + 70°C
Voltage Voltage
Weight 1,2 Kg (Tranceiver unit only)
More info See Download/Datasheet