Congratulations with your TP200 Sound system.

Setup program & Firmware Download is possible on this page.

IMPORTANT READ - Both files are accessed by pressing the download button below - Install the program on your computer, follow your computer's installation guide. To connect the TP200 to the computer, use a USB A - Mini-B cable. After the installation the programs SETUP & Firmware are available on your computer.



SETUP - TP200 can be set up in different ways using TP-200 Setup program and thereby create your own sound profile. It is possible to adjust the loudness, Auto Level, Tone Tilt, HDSX on / off, Volume and a 5 band Equalizer. To use these functions, the "TP200 Software" is to be downloaded and installed on your computer. - The changes made in the Setup program will be the default setting and thereby your own sound profile, when you press the "reset button" on the remote control.

Firmware - You have the opportunity to update the firmware in TP200 and thereby make use of the latest changes from our development. This is done by downloading and installing "TP200 Software" on your computer and follow the instructions - If you do not like to update the firmware yourselves, or do not have a computer available, you can get help from your dealer.

Setup Version: V1.05

Firmware Version: 1.22



If any questions or problems occurs, please contact us at / +45 43906048