Charger TP9000EX T4

Charger TP9000EX T4
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Battery charger for ATEX battery BP930EX for the TP9000EX radios. Li-Ion, Batteries can be charged separately or attached to a radio. Charging time approx. 2-3 hours for standard batteries. (AC adapter 100-240V sold separately)

More than one charger?

Multi charger for TP9000EX

The Multi smart charger option is a TP Radio solution that makes it possible to combine multiple chargers as one unit with only one power source. Simple and easy to connect 2 chargers using the AK901 connector-kit and the power adapter (BL811) When connecting more than 2 chargers, you will have to use the more powerful adapter BL804 - then you can connect up to 6 chargers in one unit, with one power source.