WEAS-9000 - Alert system

WEAS-9000 - Alert system
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Product code:WEAS-9000

The WEAS-9000 (Wireless Emergency Alert System) is a closed, private, wireless, safety system for industrial use, consisting of a base unit with software and a choosable number of sub units. (Wireless range up to 30 km, no cable required)
From a control room -or PC, the purpose of use, is to monitor and control Fire-exit-doors(open/closed), Safety valves, Smoke/Fire/Gas Detectors, or any area or operation that you need to monitor, activate or de-activate in a emergency situation.

Visual strobo-light alert.
Acoustic alert (100 dB@1m)
8 x I/O - (4x input + 4x Output)
Illuminated Alarm button (optional)
Data modem (based on our WDM9000)
Back-up battery (5 Hours)
Operation Voltage 100-250 VAC

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Dimensions Base Unit: H. 310, W. 250, D. 100 mm / Sub Unit: H. 250, W. 191, D. 86 mm
Channel Spacing 25 KHz
Frequency Range 406-470 MHz
Mode of operation Simplex / Semi-duplex
RF-bandwidth 64 MHz
Stand-by < 200 mA
Temperature range -20° to + 55°C
Weight Base Unit: 5500g / Sub Unit: 4700g
More info See Download/Datasheet